When will the squad lists be available?

Squadding cannot commence until after Match Registration closes in February 2018.

I want to shoot with my friends on the same squad. Who should I contact?

Unfortunately we no longer accept squadding requests from competitors. Squadding requests are only accepted from Regional Directors or their nominated delegate(s).

Squads designated for official Regional Teams are exclusively for Team Members, unless there are vacancies due to one or more teams having only three members. However, we will do our best to squad you in the same shooting session (i.e. morning or afternoon) each day. Ask your Regional Director to submit an official request that covers all competitors from your region.

I want to shoot with my friend from another region. How can I arrange this?

We will do our best to accommodate upon receiving written requests from both your friend’s Regional Director and your Regional Director.

My friends and I would like to form a team. Who should I contact?

Team requests are only accepted from Regional Directors. Note that each Region can only field one team in each Division and Division/Category listed in Appendix A1 of the rulebooks.

My friends and I are sponsored by a company. Can we register a team under their name?

No. At Level IV and higher IPSC competitions, teams can only be registered under the name of the Region. However, subject to the approval of your Regional Director, you might be permitted to wear shirts or logos supplied by your sponsor.