When will registration open?

An email with details will be sent to your Regional Director in October 2017.

I would like to shoot the match. Can you give me a slot?

Yes! There are no slot limits for all regions. Please apply through the Regional Director for your IPSC region.

The schedule for the Main Match is not convenient for me. Can I shoot the Pre-Match?

No. Unfortunately, there is no Pre-Match available.

Where can I obtain information about being a Match Sponsor?

Please send an email to

Unfortunately I must withdraw from the match. Can I transfer my slot to someone else?

No. You must surrender your slot to your Regional Director, who is the only person authorized to reallocate that slot within your Region.

If nobody else in my Region is able to use my slot, can my slot be given or sold to a competitor in another Region?

No. If your Regional Director is unable to find another competitor from your Region to replace you, the slot must be returned to IPSC.

What is the official IPSC refund policy?

Cancellation 90 days before the match starts: 100% refund

Cancellation 89 to 31 days before match starts: 50% refund

Cancellation 30 days or less before match starts: No refund

Who do I contact about organising a refund?

Refund requests are only accepted through your Regional Director.

There is an error with my name or other details on the competitor list. Who should I contact?

Contact your Regional Director, who is responsible for all match registrations in your Region.