Do I need to buy an insurance for the match?

The match is covered by a standard third party liability insurance, however, we do recommend you to purchase your own travel insurance to a better coverage during your stay here in Hong Kong.

What are the Range Officers’ Hotels?


We want to make shirts for our delegation. Who do we contact to obtain a high resolution image of the match logo?

Please send an email to aaws@hkpsa.org

What is the Dress Code for the Opening Ceremony?

Competitors taking part in the Regional Parade are required to wear their Team or Regional Shirts, as determined by your Regional Director.

Range Officers are required to wear the uniform designated by IROA or by their National Range Officers Institute, dependent upon which organization selected them to work the match.

What is the Dress Code for the Awards Presentation Dinner?

The minimum Dress Code is “Smart Casual”. For men, this means jackets and ties are not mandatory, but it means no sleeveless shirts, no shorts, no sandals, no flip-flops.

Women are expected to dress commensurate with “Cocktail Party” standards.